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Week six of English105 marks a turning point in the semester. During this week, we officially wrapped up our first unit project, a popular health article. That marks us at about a third of the way through the semester. To me, it is crazy that we are already this far along in our first semester of college. We have endured a hectic few first weeks of college and things are beginning to fall into place. Even though this year does not look like a normal first semester of college, it is starting to feel like one.

In class on Tuesday we reviewed e-portfolios and discussed different examples and platforms where they can be made. We took a poll, and the majority of our class agreed that the course website was better than individual e-portfolios for this semester. I was a part of this majority, and although I believe individual e-portfolios would be amazing, I think that it would have been too hard given our current virtual situation. However, I believe individual e-portfolios would be awesome for next semester given in-person classes are safe to resume.

In addition to talking about e-portfolios, we also reviewed transitions and participated in a paragraph exercise. In this exercise we were given a paper without separations of the paragraphs. As a group, we had to read the paper and decide where the paragraph breaks were located. I found this exercise rather difficult. It is hard to read a paper without the paragraph separations as all the topics become jumbled together. It was interesting to do this activity, as we do not really think about the paragraph breaks when we read, but I have learned that they are very important.

Thursday marked our first day of class focusing on unit project two. Our unit two project’s focus is writing in the social sciences. We began class be reviewing the chapter we read in the Tar Heel Writing Guide. My group reviewed the topic of ethnographies. This review was helpful to understanding how to conduct research and analyze data for the social sciences. After our review, we spoke about possible topics for our unit project two in our groups. It was helpful to hear others ideas and receive input and feedback from our group members. We ended class by posting our potential project topics to our Sakai forum.

Our homework for this weekend includes posting to the Sakai forum about our reflection of our first unit project. I think that it is always good to reflect on our work because it helps us learn which areas we excelled in and which areas we need to improve in the future. Additionally, we have to read about APA citations as those are the citations we will use in our second unit project. Finally, we have to post a potential research question for our unit project two. It will be interesting to workshop these in class as I believe most people are new to research in the social sciences.

Overall, I believe we had an amazing and productive week in English105. I believe I can speak for the class when I say I thoroughly enjoy English class and believe we are learning very important and helpful information.


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