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The tenth week has been a pretty busy and fruitful one. We did the final workshop of our script for UP2, and on Thursday we started off Unit 3, which is about humanity, Following Thursday’s class was the deadline for submitting our video presentation. I believe everyone has learned a lot this week, both from their peers on Tuesday’s workshop and from Mr. Blom on Thursday’s overview on humanity.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the most out of this week, because on Tuesday I mistakenly set my alarm 12 hours later than it should’ve been, causing me to fall asleep and not wake up until next day morning, and on Thursday my laptop was experiencing network issues so I had to use my desktop, which doesn’t have camera and mic. I think my attending classes at midnight and working on my homework in the daytime mode of college experience tends to mess up my circadian rhythm and make me more error-prone. Also, I’ve got to talk about my unit project. My topic is about customers at different drink stores. I was hoping to add more stuff to my article in order to make my analysis more well-rounded, but I was stopped by the fact that I had already exceeded the recommended word limit by some 300 words. Not taking the recommended word limit seriously had took its toll on my project. I didn’t rehearse until after I submitted the script and found out that it would be impossible to cram my script into a 5-minute video with a normal speed of talking. My video ended up being over 7 minutes long, which I think would only have a negative effect. I think I was sort of facing a tradeoff: either cut things regarding sensory details and my narration from my article, making it less detailed, or be unable to meet the time requirement.

Finally, I wanna talk a bit about what’s going on around the community. I heard my Chinese schoolmates saying that there’s a good chance that UNC opens up in the following semester, which I really hope is true so that I can finally graduate from Zoom University and actually set foot on the UNC campus. But, as usual, the number of Covid cases is still going up pretty fast, with no signs that the curve will flatten in sight. I heard news about the vaccine going into the stage of trial here in China. Hope it works well. Also, the election is around the corner. I’m expecting to see melodramatic scenes play out for both parties. I mean, 2020 is already messed up, so nothing can really strike me as bizarre now.


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