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This past week, and past several weeks, have been something that I think only current college students can say they understand. It feels like we are living in some kind of  Groundhog Day. Everyday is the same: wake up, do online classes, do work, maybe do something fun, go to bed, repeat. I don’t want my one blog post to be so negative, but it is a weird time we are living in. I’m definitely trying to make the most of my first semester in college, and I feel like I am doing all I can – I am interested in my classes and making great friendships, but it is hard to distinguish one day from the next.

This past week, I was able to switch it up a little bit which really put some pep in my step. My roommate and I went to her hometown, Charlotte, NC, and I was able to see a city I’ve never been to before and have a change of scenery for my work. I was able to stare at my computer screen with different surroundings! Just joking, I actually am having an amazing time here, but I know that once COVID is over, it will be so much more fun than it already is.

Another change of scenery that I quite enjoyed was for our English class. I chose to observe the people who used the Union Apartments courtyard. It was lovely to sit outside and just watch. While I was working, I was only noting what I saw and how I felt in the moment, I wasn’t really doing work that was super draining. I loved being able to get outside and people watch. While I can always do this on my own time, something about doing it for a class makes it more fun. 

Trying to get out of the Groundhog Day funk as I’ve heard someone call it has been challenging. I feel like people (who are comfortable with it) are going out to eat more, and definitely getting closer with smaller groups of friends. It’s just not feasible or safe right now to hang out in large groups. Food has been a way to gather people together now more than ever I’ve come to realize. Eating out is always an option, and that is something that a lot of younger people tend to enjoy. It is a way to make the day a little different from the last, even if the only difference is having Italian instead of Mexican. 

Trying to make each day different is a challenge, but the students are managing. We go out to eat, go on walks, go out of town, work outside, etc. to make the days different from the last. When there is no class to walk to or friends to run into, it can get difficult, but the student body at UNC is resilient and making the most of this strange time. With that being said, I can’t wait till we get back to normal.


Photo: Google Images for free and fair use

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