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The eighth week of the school year was a busy time in English 105 with Paul Blom. Well, maybe it was just me with a busy week, but for anyone in the class, these were seven key days. The two positives in life outside of class were the weather and the continuation of sports, which certainly keep me happy.


The week kicked off with the submission of feeder 2.1, an annotated bibliography contributing to unit project 2, on Monday. On Tuesday in class, we talked a lot about feeder 2.2 (an assignment requiring students to observe and take notes about a public area) and descriptive detail. Learning about descriptive detail is basically what it sounds like: You learn how to write descriptive sentences and when to use them. The other half of class, the feeder 2.2 discussion, served the purpose of informing the class what our coded notes should look like. I found this guidance very helpful, because on Sunday, I had conducted one of my observations, and my notes did not look how they were supposed to. Thanks to the class discussion, I was able to conduct my next observation that same Tuesday and submit my feeder 2.2 rough draft with the rest of the class on Wednesday.


Thursday was a fun day in class. We peer-reviewed each other’s rough drafts and, towards the end, each group examined one final unit two project from last semester. The old unit projects were interesting to look at, and they definitely helped me know what my final product should look like. Something small but fun in class occurred when one of the groups were editing the fonts of their responses; everyone got a good laugh out of that. Peer-reviewing, which happened before we looked at old projects, is something I always enjoy. Peer-reviewing is so helpful because I can help someone else while I also receive help, and I get to interact with my classmates. Our main homework after Thursday’s class is our feeder 2.2 final draft, due Monday.


Now I want to shift to the week’s events outside of class. The first and most important one to me was the weather. Everyone loves good weather, and this week brought plenty of it. Every day showed some sun, and the highest temperature of the week was only around 80ºF. For many, fall is the favorite season for weather, and this week brought plenty of it. On Saturday the university saw the return of UNC Tar Heel football, as the team traveled to Boston College and won 26-22. The game was slightly concerning for the UNC fans who watched; we were supposed to win by a little more than four points, but a key play secured the victory at the end of the game. There were countless other events in sports as well. The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup, the Lakers won game one and two of the NBA finals, and plenty of college and NFL football games took place. Good weather and sports are a great way for students to relax and get together with one another, something that is a luxury during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Looking ahead, the feeder 2.2 final draft is due at the start of week nine, UNC football takes on Virginia Tech at home on Saturday, and the unit project two rough draft is due at the beginning of week ten. For many, including myself, it is hard to believe we are already over halfway through this unique semester, but I’m looking forward to the second half of the semester as a Tar Heel.


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