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This had to have been by far one of the most interesting weeks in our semester. Early on in the week, not only did we not have bachelorette Tuesday, but we also did not have class. These were both missing from our normal Tuesday schedule so that we all would be given the chance to vote and watch election night play out. And while I stared at my television screen way too long to see who would become president, I would have rather watched Clare make a fool of herself on The Bachelorette since it wasn’t until days later in which we finally found out who won the election.


Although we did not have class on Tuesday, we still had a lesson to watch and an activity to do. This lesson and activity taught us how using different visuals and audios leaves more on an impact on the audience members as we use these methods to help convey our thoughts and ideas. From watching examples of previous students and talking about them with our groups and classmates, we realized how big of an effect the images and sounds used can have on your interpretation of the presentation. Taking what we learned from class on Tuesday, we applied it to our UP3 storyboards which we turned in on Wednesday night.


And while the rest of the class attended class on Thursday, I did not. I received a call late on Wednesday night telling me that my dad had had a brain bleed. And while I left as quickly as possible to be with him, I realized how this class has led to the forming of friendships even with us being remote. My group, the Four Seasons, supported me and helped to work alongside me in order for me to not be behind or skip a beat. Although I hated the circumstances that made me have this realization, this class has not only prepared me for the future by helping me further my writing and presentation skills, but this class has also pushed me to meet new people and work with others. During these crazy, COVID times, we don’t have the opportunity in the majority of our classes (at least in mine) to work with other classmates and truly get to know them. However, that is not the case in this class. As I mentioned earlier, this class has allowed us to get to know and make connections with our fellow classmates.


Even though I was not in class on Thursday, I still participated in the workshop by reviewing Sneha’s UP3 storyboard. From reading the ideas she had for her video, it made me wonder what I could potentially do to enhance the ideas I already had. Sneha had some excellent ideas into how to incorporate some of the text into the presentation. From this, I wondered how I could maybe use text to emphasize the main points of my presentation.


Overall, the UP3 storyboard helped me not only to plan out what I might incorporate into my presentation, but in general helped with planning any presentation I might have. And while it seems there is dark, suspenseful music to go with my life right now and many other college students as finals draw near… soon there will be bright, cheerful music as finals and the end of the semester come.


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