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At the beginning of this week, tensions were high as the election drew closer. The excitement of Halloween had passed from the weekend and anticipation of the election had set in. Tuesday was election day and for many of us it was the first time we were able to exercise our right to vote, making our voice heard. There was a record number of voters this year for an election that will shape our country for the next four years. It has proved to be a close race for both candidates and we are still anticipating the outcome as the week came to an end.

As always, the beginning of the class on Tuesday started off with a class check in. This one was exceptionally appreciated because there were many things to talk about from the active shooter on campus, to Halloween weekend, and finally the election. Due to the events with the shooter on campus, Mr. Blom graciously pushed back two assignments, giving us a few extra days to get them turned in. One of them was Feeder 3.2, which was a formal essay on our short story. The other was an “Exercise on Multimedia Composition and Interpretation,” which we discussed in class. Through this exercise, we explored and discussed the effects of different mediums on the song “Hurt.” The “take-away” of this exercise was the impact that different mediums have on the interpretation people have of a song, and how this can carry over into our Unit 3 projects. In our Unit 3 projects, we are creating a video essay, which will contain more than one medium. We then proceeded to dissect model video essays and discuss things that we could include in our own video essays. These models are good examples of possible ways to lay out our essays and ways to make them more engaging, which helped me get a better idea of what I plan to do for my video essay.

Thursday began much like any other class with a check-in. People expressed their emotions about the election, as more votes were being counted but the end was still out of sight. We then got into our lesson for the day, which included information on how to capture videos, pictures, and audio for our video essays. We then watched videos on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro in order to create and edit our video essay. Following these videos and a brief discussion, we then went into a workshop on our UP3 Storyboard. This was very helpful because it gave me more ideas of videos and pictures for my video essay that I had not thought. For our video essay, we will use feeder 3.2, with the feedback from Mr. Blom, as our voice over script and use the story board and ideas from our partner as the layout for our video essay.

Our upcoming weekend consists of working on our video essay and bringing any questions we may have to class on Tuesday. For me personally, and I am sure many others in the class, this will be the first time I have composed a video using a software like Adobe Pro and I anticipate having many questions. We are nearing the end of the semester with only two more weeks remaining. Keep your head up and power through to the end, which is in sight!


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