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Paul Blom’s SAMLA Conference Panel

November 18, 2020

In the SAMLA Conference Panel 09-12, Paul Blom and co-host Desire Ameigh lead a panel titled “Scandalous Profession(al)s: Sovereignty, Authority, and Secrecy”. Following the Conference’s theme of scandal, this panel discusses the scandal involved in the development of past societies. … Read more

The Dangers of Anger

November 17, 2020

Matheson’s “Mad House” tells the story of Chris Neal, a man who once dreamt of becoming a distinguished author. However, he failed in this dream and has instead grown into a miserable person with an uncontrollable temper. This temper slowly … Read more

Could Ketamine be Used as a Treatment for Depression?

September 16, 2020

Mental health is often marginalized and misrepresented in society. But in the United States, there is a mental health crisis. Around 46.6 million adults in America experience a mental health disorder each year, and around 4.5% of U.S. adults experience … Read more

Week 5: Getting into the Groove

September 14, 2020

After what has been a tumultuous first few weeks, it seems the dust has finally settled and everyone is getting into the groove of college. Like usual, we began our classes with a daily check-in, which is something that I … Read more