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A Beautiful Fragile Imperfection

November 16, 2020

Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote “The Birthmark” in 1843; shortly before composing, he married his fiancé Sophia Peabody. His marriage and Puritan background influence the writing of his short story. During the 1800s, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writings exhibit the expectation to conceal and … Read more

The Power of the Wild

November 15, 2020

People often feel that their own opinions and ideas are better than those around them. In “To Build a Fire”, Jack London illustrates a man who has a lot of pride in himself. Because of this elevated sense of pride, … Read more

Week 12: Hallo-when will this semester end?

November 3, 2020

Just as I began sitting down to write about how week 12 in English 105 went, it finally registered that we are twelve whole weeks into the semester. Lots of words have been written and a lot of procrastination has … Read more