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My second week of class was pretty hectic with the clusters popping up all over campus and the University having to send us home. I’ve been looking for places to live and it was just a lot going on in one week. All of the houses and apartments are full and but I’m going to a hotel on Thursday and keep looking for a house. As a freshman I’ve still been trying to get the transition from high school to college and its hard to settle in and adapt with everything going on.  Despite all of the outside circumstances we had a great week in English 105!

This week in English we had a guest from the library speak on resources we can use for our research papers. I found this very helpful and she even showed us how to use the websites and exactly how to find the information you are seeking. Especially with everything being online now I think those resources are more valuable now than ever. I can speak for the class in saying that having the librarian speak was a great idea and helpful.

Thursday in class we broke up into small groups and reviewed and edited each other’s feeder 1.1 worksheet. I received very helpful feedback and my partner pointed out tweaks that made it easy when it came to revise my paper. I really like getting together with classmates to edit our work. This was our first assignment and I am still adjusting to college level work. I have been reviewing the prompt and making last minute edits to my feeder. I wrote about concussions in the NFL which is something I am really interested in. This made the assignment more enjoyable because I had some previous knowledge on the topic. I also got to talk to my small group about all of our topics and got to hear some valid points on topics that were very interesting.

After this week it really feels like school is picking up and running. The first week was learning a lot about the class and how things are going to work but this week we actually got into English 105. I feel confident that this class is going to improve my writing ability and after doing my first assignment I feel like I’m back into school mode. I like the flexibility we had when choosing topics and that we had to pick 3 topics. It made me really think before I started researching.

No class on Monday and Tuesday really took some stress off my back and the extended deadlines were nice. With covid there are so many uncertainties and by getting that little break was relaxing.  College has been a lot for me, and that break was needed.

Overall, we had a great week in English, and I learned a lot about how English 105 is going to operate. I am ready to get feedback and a grade on my feeder, so I get a perspective on how good my work is. I am excited for the next week of class!


By Tilghman Pope


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University Communications. “Faculty Member Launches New Study with Drones.” Digital photograph. Research, 26 Apr. 2019,

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