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Site ownership

Any information or material reproduced, represented, or downloaded from this site should include credit to Paul E. Blom, owner of this site, as well as the specific student-author listed as author for that particular page, post, etc.Unless otherwise specified, all texts, documents, photographs, images, graphics, and other materials were created by and are property of Paul E. Blom, except for widgets and other applications of WEBdotUNC, an affiliation between UNC-Chapel Hill and WordPress, which was used to create this site and which hosts this site, with the support of UNC-Chapel Hill.

This site is intended to showcase the final drafts of student work completed in ENGL 105: Writing at the Research University, sections 079 and 091, fall 2020 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an undergraduate course in the UNC Writing Program, taught by Paul Blom.

Site problems

To report problems with this site, such as broken links or inaccurate or outdated material, or to submit complaints, questions, or comments, use the attached contact form to contact Paul Blom, the course instructor, directly. If you experience problems using this form, email Paul E. Blom directly at I welcome and value your feedback.

Site updates

This site was originally launched on Friday April 17, 2020. This site was last updated on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

Authorization to share student work

Any student work made public on this site has been shared under the voluntary, written authorization of the students involved. Some students may have chosen to only share their work with their classmates, in which case their content has been password-protected. All students in the class have signed a pledge not to share the password or make this protected content accessible to anyone outside of our class. Some students may have chosen not to share their work, even with their classmates, in which case their work does not appear on this website at all. All students understand that they have the right to withdraw or alter the terms of this authorization to share their work at any time.

Attached documents

To protect against the potential theft of or editing of all documents that have been attached to this site and in order to maintain a consistency of formatting for all attached documents, most documents have first been converted into .pdf format and then attached or uploaded. I hope this does not cause any readers any inconvenience. Adobe Reader is the best program for viewing .pdf files. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free, ​click here.

Third-party sites

This website contains links to external or third-party websites. The parties who created, designed, built, own, maintain, and host this website (Paul E. Blom and his students) are in no way responsible for the content, stability, or security of such external or third-party sites. The inclusion of links to such sites should not be considered as an endorsement of or an affiliation with such sites or the content, views, or opinions expressed on such sites. The links to such sites are provided purely as a matter of convenience to our website visitors. While you may contact me to report broken links, any and all comments or complaints regarding the content of third-party sites should be directed to those parties responsible for such sites.​
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