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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have made it to the end. Tuesday the 17th marked our last class together and it was the last day of classes for everyone. This week has been incredibly stressful with all of our final projects nearing their due dates, and with finals week looming over us. It was also very stressful because the pass/fail deadline was the same day as our last day of classes. It was a bitter sweet end to the semester or classes, because while we are all glad to be done with classes, I will miss many of my classmates and professors. With classes now officially done, we can turn our attention fully to finals, and prepare ourselves for big meals and long rests over Thanksgiving.

This week’s class was our last gathering with many of our classmates, friends, and Paul. We started our final class with a class check-in, and despite all the stress and worry over finals and our final project, many people were happy that classes were officially coming to an end. Many students discussed their personal and deep-rooted hatred for Adobe Premiere Pro in our class check-in as well. Paul told us about his conferences that he participated in this weekend and sent us the links so that we could watch his presentations if we wanted to. Then, Paul entertained our entire class with a much anticipated story. It exceeded all of the hype and it was a great way to kick off our last day of class together.

While many of us prepared for finals, we also had to juggle our unit project we have been working on for the past month. Tuesday marked the deadline to turn our final draft of our video essay. It was a tale of mixed emotions for me, because I worked through the pain and struggle of Adobe Premiere Pro to create a solid project, only to have complications with the rendering upon export. However, this project was a huge weight lifted off my chest and it allowed me to turn my full focus on my upcoming final exams for my other classes. This project also taught our class how to, firstly, use multimedia composition to convey a point or writing of ours. Secondly, it taught all of us how to use new programs, like Adobe Premiere Pro, to compile video, audio, and text works. While my relationship with Adobe Premiere Pro is not the greatest, I am grateful that I learned how to use it and push through the struggle of learning how to use a new program by myself.

Once again, our last class together was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We got put into our last breakout rooms together and we got to reflect upon this class and the semester as a whole. I am grateful for all this class has taught me throughout the semester and I think Paul made the absolute best out of a poor situation we were all put in. I think this class has developed my skills as a writer and I am very thankful for that. I would like to wish one last good luck to all my classmates on their finals and a goodbye to my first semester as a North Carolina Tar Heel!


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