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The Power of the Wild

November 15, 2020

People often feel that their own opinions and ideas are better than those around them. In “To Build a Fire”, Jack London illustrates a man who has a lot of pride in himself. Because of this elevated sense of pride, … Read more

A Shopper’s Paradise

October 14, 2020

Preface: A store on a college campus is bound to have many uses, but what is the main use of a store like Target on the University of Cincinnati (UC) campus? As a college student, I had many initial assumptions … Read more

Week 6 Reflection: The End of Unit One

September 19, 2020

Week six of English105 marks a turning point in the semester. During this week, we officially wrapped up our first unit project, a popular health article. That marks us at about a third of the way through the semester. To … Read more